I’m grateful for…

  1. My husband
  2. The hard work my husband does to take care of us
  3. My kids
  4. My dog, Muffin – double grateful for her
  5. My MIL & my parents
  6. My house
  7. My nice stuff and being able to buy & have nice stuff
  8. Being able to DO stuff
  9. GOD — man — I wish that was higher on the list!
  10. God teaching & healing me. Being well!
  11. How God is & will use me to teach other people about wellness.
  12. People. They’re awesome. The more people I meet, the more friends I make.

There’s a #13 too, but that’s none of your bee’s wax. 😉

#14 That I didn’t lose this list & the journal it was in. Thought I did. Searched, cried, ate a honey-bun (delicious), then I found it.

I’m human. *Shrug*

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