The TnT

I am buried. Sunk into. Sunk into me. My teeth, they’re gone. Sunk-in lips that slur. I am buried. I must eat soft foods. It is hard to watch. Please do not watch me eat. My body is large and soft; not hard and sharp, like some. My nerves too, can be hard and sharp. When people are rough. My thoughts, well, are not sharp like they were. There was a…

I am buried. I am hard to see. If you sit across from me, but don’t look, you might see me. But I am buried. You must not dig. I am buried. If you speak in a quiet voice, I will tell you of my happiest moments. The people who love me. They see me. It is buried, but not gone. If you listen I will show you — I am not trash.

I am not trash. If you look at me, you will see me. See my treasure.

I am a treasure. My mind is vast. My heart is so, so, soft. Large. I can contain the world if you see me.

I’m Treasure, Not Trash. See me.

                                                       For C, the Librarian & Scott who sees buried treasure.